Cake Or Death

Brand Identity & Packaging

Brand identity and business card design for a vegan cake company

Project Overview

We first met owner Katie of ‘Cake Or Death’, at a food market in East London. We have since worked together to develop what was a weekend baking stall, now to an established vegan bakery in the bustling town of Hackney.

The brief was to design the visual identity and concept for her packaged culinary delights. Being a bakery, it was important to portray a kind and welcoming feel to the brand; but given the name, we also aimed to encapsulate its playfully sinister side. Following the success of Katie’s weekend stalls, she then approached us to design the packaging for her postal brownie service. We used the dimensions provided for each brownie slice to devise a template, which would allow 6 brownies to travel without getting damaged and would eventually fit through the letterbox of their eager recipients.

Macarons Packaging
Macarons Packaging

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