Ripe Smoothies

Brand Identity & Packaging

Creating a brand identity for Ripe smoothies, using innovative visual language

The Story

Ripe is a natural, raw juice and smoothie bar based in London. Ripe products are delivered directly to your doorstep or place of work every morning. High quality ingredients are used in order to ensure that consumers get all of the nutrients required to boost energy levels throughout the day.

The brief & our approach

Working across creative strategy, graphic and packaging design, we created the future brand identity of Ripe; strengthening their position in the competitive beverage market. We took inspiration from owner Robert’s love for simple ingredients and genius of thoughtful flavours, and created a brand identity oriented around pleasure, authenticity and impact. Peak was challenged to create a contemporary smoothie brand identity, with a simple label design. The result is inspired by the raw, natural look and has been executed by the hand drawn style of illustration. We produced packaging designs for a variety of flavours including: kiwi & lime, strawberry grape and orange & mango.