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Website & Digital

Website, Digital & User Experience

Website communication and intuitively is important as it is the digital face of your business. Effective website design means great user experience and reflects how you do business.

From Scope To Launch

Well-designed websites offer much more than just aesthetics. They attract visitors and help people understand the product, company, and branding through a variety of indicators, encompassing visuals, text, and interactions. That means every element of your site needs to work towards a defined goal.

Peak method of designing a websites starts with determining what your goals the site needs to fulfil and define the scope of the project. Now that we have a bigger picture of the site in mind, we can start creating content for the individual pages, always keeping search engine optimisation in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. With the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual brand. Depending on the client, this may already be well-defined, but you might also be defining the visual style from the ground up. Tools like style tiles, moodboards, and element collages can help with this process. Once everything's working beautifully, it's time to plan and execute your site launch! This should include planning both launch timing and communication strategies.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Consumer Research
  • Industry RESEARCH
  • Analytics / data / SEO
  • Omnichannel Strategy


  • Creative Direction
  • UI/UX Design
  • mobile / Responsive Design
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Content Development


  • Creative Development
  • Front-end development
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Content Management
  • Digital style guides